Organization development and Consulting
Organization development
IN-PHAX primary purpose is to develop the organization, the  interventions are about change so involve people but also develops processes, systems and structures.  This, in turn, leads to greater personal, group, and organizational effectiveness. Organization development provides ...
By viewing the organization holistically, as an ecosystem of component parts that work interdependently to impact performance, we’re able to identify the root cause of what’s inhibiting and enabling your current performance, including quantifying the payoff in actually getting it ...
Project Management
Leading projects within your organization when you face  recourse or capability problems. Market and people readiness prior new product launches , FF Capability assessment projects and development centers Band related segmentation and targeting projects Marketing competency ...
Development Programs
IN-PHAX  provides high performance coaching and mentoring for all functional levels of the organization, from the top management, general management, marketing and sales management to working teams. We help managers to achieve their personal targets, how to coach their people ...


We believe if we focus our  efforts to  create an impact we can "move from GOOD to GREAT" to achieve your company goals or even beyond  and celebrate success with you.
This is what we could offer with a solid background of  22 years in business and 5 years in international consulting.

With our unique approach we will work with you to understand your needs, your  specific issues, your organization, your offering and your customers before we suggest a solution. We are flexible to design / customize projects , diagnosis processes followed with development  programs based on  your needs to provide the most  suitable  support. We are working with you not only working for you.

IN-PHAX Consulting  has been founded by Agnes Benczik Pharm.D (CV), after a successful pharmaceutical industry career in management, organizational and individual development.

Agnes Benczik  holds degrees in pharmacy , pharmacology , business administration and accumulates more than 25 years of university and industry experience, 5 years of education experiences and  international leadership experiences of several businesses.

IN-PHAX provides performance improvement solutions for organizations and individuals in the light of their particular business situation, business strategies and goals.
We  develop customized development programs based on the qualification needs analysis and we help to integrate these programs locally (culturally) adapted into the local working processes, for measurable results and follow up the implementation.